Maximizing Your Timber Investment


TimcoAcre, LLC (Timco) is a forestry consultant firm based in Hattiesburg, MS. From the heart of the Pine Belt, Timco’s staff of Foresters and Silvicultural Specialists provide a full service of reforestation strategies to timberland owners.

We bring more to the woods so you can get more out with TimberMaxx and TimcoAcre reforestation packages. Timco is able to utilize its proprietary vegetation management and reforestation techniques to aid landowners in “Maximizing their Timber Investments.”

As a subsidiary of Timco, Southeastern Agro Enterprises (SAE) services local agriculture, pasture/range, and forestry needs of retail herbicide/chemical sales. SAE provides a full range of products manufactured by DOW Agro, Bayer, BASF, etc.

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Back Forty Solutions, Inc. is another subsidiary of Timco that specializes in government and military contracts. Acquired in 2009, Back Forty has a good track record of quality services, flexible capabilities, and “niche” parameters demanded by the growing needs of our natural resources owned/managed by our federal, state, and local government agencies.


Silvicultural Services

“Silviculture” is the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values. The name comes from the Latin silvi- (forest) + culture (as in growing). To some the distinction between forestry and silviculture is that silviculture is applied at the stand level and forestry is broader. For example, John D. Matthews says “complete regimes for regenerating, tending, and harvesting forests” are called “silvicultural systems.”

Our Silvicultural Services Division utilizes over a 100 years of combined staff experience in regenerating and growing trees. We are able to provide sound silvicultural recommendations and provide a turnkey contracting service in the implementation of those recommendations. “We bring more to the woods, so you can bring more out.” As true consultants, we base those recommendations on the most important objective –THE GROWTH AND FINANCIAL GAIN OF OUR CLIENT’S TIMBER INVESTMENT!

Our core services are aerial vegetation management (helicopter application) combined with seedling sales/tree planting services. Our other services include other vegetation management tools, such as skidder applications and hand applications. In addition, we can recommend and sell a variety of forest herbicides directly to the individual tree farmer for “self applications.”